Meet Kaylene Willoughby

Meet the loving and gifted soul behind Heart Centered Rebalancing.


Healing Touch Therapy

Explore the fastest growing form of Energy Medicine with Kaylene.


Soul Focused Healing

The anatomical system of healing, using the Chakras of the body and the soul.


Miracle Healing Fiber

Learn more and buy this special treatment – 100% natural material!


Pet and Animal Healing

A holistic energy therapy to help maintain and recover the health and well-being of your pet.


Christa Healing

Kaylene Willoughby is a Christa Healing Method® practitioner. Learn how she can help you.


Image Cycling

Learn how Kaylene uses the Bengston Healing Method to help you with a wide range of health challenges.


Home and Business Clearings

Discover how Kaylene can cleanse your property and bless your home or business.


Strengthen, rebuild and protect your aura
for a deeper spiritual connection!

Explore the boxes above to learn more about how energy healer Kaylene Willoughby can help you rebalance your life!

Learn more and buy this special treatment –
100% natural material.
Meet Kaylene and learn more
about how she can help you!
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