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Here is a taste of all you can experience in a session with Kaylene.

Soul Focused Healing

This scientific system of energy medicine interconnects the anatomy of the physical body with its reflection in the energy field, also called the aura or the electromagnetic field of the body.

Money Rebalancing Session

This is a single session or you can chose to have continued monthly Money Rebalancing sessions.

From $70/Session

Healing Touch

Healing Touch therapy is one of the fastest growing forms of Energy Medicine. It is a simple relaxation or energy balancing technique, a complementary therapy option that promotes relaxation and decreases anxiety and discomfort.

Christa Healing Method

Christa Healing frees you of all energies that are holding you stuck and preventing you from creating positive changes to your health, relationships, lifestyle and career.

Bengston Healing Method

This healing modality is used specifically for Cancer Healing and many other major illnesses.

Home and Business Clearings

Your home or business should be cleansed if you are moving, buying or selling. A property will have had many owners, guests and customers who leave behind their energies affecting your space.
$145/Session $110/Continued Monthly

Pet and Animal Healing

Healing Touch for Animals® / Komitor Healing Method (HTA/KHM), which is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) relies on energy and intention.

Healing Cotton

The Healing Cotton product is a special treatment made from 100% natural material. With special cycling, the purest and highest God Consciousness Energies are powered into the Healing Cotton using a focused charging method.

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