Kaylene shines a bright light on all that is good in you, and like a lighthouse beacon guiding ships to safe harbor in the fog, helps you find the way back home to your true self. The voyage is filled with warmth, compassion, and humor, and leaves you with a firm anchor and the tools you need to navigate back the next time you begin to drift away.

Kaylene’s gift is not fully contingent upon your immediate belief. like many who grace our pages, my logical mind would not fully grasp the Miracle of Spirit Movement. Since working with Kaylene, there are new things i realize daily which have ceased to encumber me physically and cognitively. she is compassionate and has realized her gift.

I feel SO fortunate to be one of the People to Receive a session from you last week, Kaylene. I felt immediately surrounded in a healing Resonance, and could physically feel the Realtime changes that were taking place. You have such a gift, Kaylene. I am honored to know you. Bright Blessings to You and Yours! and THANK YOU SO much for the gift!

I too attest to Kaylene Willoughby’s energy healing abilities. I have experienced 7 sessions during which I have overcome severe back pain caused by osteo arthritis. But more than that, Kaylene of Heart Centered Rebalancing has left me with a more positive and balanced spirit.

Kaylene, when I had the money re-balancing session with you, my heart instantly opened to the understanding that I don’t control or manipulate the flow of energy that contains money; I merely reside within the flow. I’ve come to realize that money is not the currency of choice, but rather love. I must reside within the flow, contributing to it, rather than outside of it. When we reside within the Flow, wherein the currency is that of love and abundance, money is one of the needs that is met in the natural order of things. In that place,our choices with respect to money are made from a place of love, so distinct in its aura from that of fear, judgment or ego-centric posturing that often accompanies financial deal-making.

Dear Kaylene, I want to thank you for my session with you. I was so peaceful and relaxed and when we were finished, I felt as if I could see clearer, felt renewed and happy. I already knew that you have the nicest, sweetest most soothing voice and I thought of that as I was meditating. You have a magic way of sounding so realistic and reassuring to people who may not understand what you are doing. It is impossible to overstate your gifts and you are truly a beautiful person with no ego. It is impossible to be uncomfortable or untrusting with you. Again, thank you and love,

Hi Kaylene! I wanted to say Thank You again for your amazing healing ability and your kind heart. I can’t tell you how drastically our financial situation has changed since our “Money Rebalancing Session”..It’s amazingly unbelievable! Raulie got a call from his previous employer and offered him his old job back making incredible money & with health benefits! Much Love!

I want to share with you that it has been several months now since I had the Money Re-balancing Session, and as time goes by I realize and feel the positive effects the session has had on me, it’s truly amazing. I LOVE it. It’s really hard to describe and put into words, but the difference it has made, especially at this time in my life has been very much needed. The more relaxed, free, whatever happens… happens attitude radiates to other’s and bounces positive energy right back to me ! Thank you, Kaylene.

Kaylene, what an amazing Spiritual Energy Healing session that was yesterday! I am still reeling from it. You are so gifted and so special and such a beautiful soul ♥ I could never, never, ever thank you enough. From the bottom of my heart,

Kaylene.. your taped session has manifested more than I could have ever imagined. This week I will be setting out for New York to work with a mentor who I hardly dreamed I would be working with 5 years from now, let alone just 4 months after your taped session! Thank you so much!

When you started your remote session yesterday, I was heavy with grief and sorrow. Also I had a foot that had been hurting for 6 weeks, and neither the chiropractor nor the massage therapist could fix it. Even though you were 2,000 miles away, I could feel energy moving around. When your session ended I felt lighthearted, joyful. The grief is soothed away, for now. And my foot was 75% better! It still bothers me a bit, but nothing like before.

The healing/releasing session was so beneficial, Kaylene. You’re an amazing conduit and individual with such a loving heart. I haven’t felt this relaxed and peaceful in years! No amount of massage could accomplish this type of relaxation/peace, as this reached layers that massage cannot. I am still feeling the effects from 2 days ago and I know I will continue to feel better everyday…I didn’t realize the amount of “weight” I was carrying around until the pain and negativity were released! ♥ *OUT OF THIS WORLD* good stuff!!! I’m looking forward to another great session YAY!! THANK YOU GOD,for Kaylene

Yes! If you are not in the Colorado area, you may want to contact her for Distant Healing Sessions. Your physical presence is not necessary. I am located in Pennsylvania and both Doug and I have experienced monumental results from Kaylene’s Distant Healing Sessions. Contact her for more information.

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